Our Approach

Our approach creates avenues for the creation of organic place identities through the co-creation of space and presents a unique opportunity to build cities alongside those who inhabit it.




By analyzing user-generated data from review platforms and open data, we are able to identify, track and map key elements of the urban experience


We tie our VISION report to the larger population trends at every step of the way

At the core of our methodology and services is our EDGE Analysis Tool, which enables us to tap into the pulse of a city and directly listen to its residents and all users of the urban environment.

EDGE serves as the foundation for our EDGE Urban Performance Report, a set of interactive maps and dashboards telling the story of the city, layered with rich demographic and city data for you to explore. In other words, it's the best survey your organization never knew it had.


Our most detailed urban performance report.  

Map community perception of topics like walkability, revenue generation, safety, nationality of visitors, parking, handicap accessibility, public transportation, atmosphere, repeat visits, or historic and scenic areas and other aspects of the pedestrian and consumer experience across entire cities. Engage in demographic trends through leading edge demographic data analyzed at micro and macro scales. 

Sample Report


○ Annual revenue data of businesses  
○ Community perception variables:
    ○ Walkability
    ○ Public transportation
    ○ Repeat customers
    ○ General atmosphere
    ○ Historic sentiment
    ○ Scenic sentiment
    ○ Parking
    ○ Outdoor facilities
○ Demographics trends
○ Hours of operation
○ Languages registered 
○ Rate of registered reviews (i.e. digital foot traffic)


Pricing accounts for the average price per square mile of data, based on density and the amount of data needed to be collected, as well as analysis and other time considerations. These are base pricing estimates. Please reach out for a custom quote if the study area is 900+ square miles.


Secure your urban investments and reduce risk though City78’s Hotspot Monitoring. Through observing market trends, we help investors Identify prime locations for residential, office and commercial uses. We help our clients secure a head start in pinpointing emerging urban opportunity while providing accurate forecasts of future demand and custom reports and recommendations of where to build, locate and invest. 


We combine cutting-edge urban planning analyses with data that your organization can proactively develop strategy around.

Contact us for a custom quote.

City78’s Retail Marketplace Analysis recognizes the potential that exists in an urban market for specific commercial uses. This is achieved by measuring existing saturation in current locations, as well as market potential. This cumulates to the identification existing market retail leakage or surplus.

City78 prides itself in its analysis of underlying demographic trends that run throughout the city.

Through advanced and in-depth demographic and marketplace analysis, City78 is able to identify existing and emerging economic clusters. These clusters are characterized by a concentration of similar uses and skilled professionals in close proximity to each other.

By combining multiple analysis methods, City78 arrives at recommendations for the location of office, residential and commercial uses. These recommendations are configured to ensure location advantage by reducing risks and improving long-term economic viability of proposed developments.

Using the results of our unique data analysis of an area, we can create schematic designs to meet your needs. We use industry standard (cutting-edge) modeling software to deliver drawings and renderings of potential urban designs, with LEED certification in mind.

Using the Projective Land Use and Demographic Forecast models, City78 prescribes and forecasts future land use mixes that ensure improved urban productivity and quality of life. The process is achieved by analyzing a variety of socioeconomic factors, demographic trends, and market characteristics of specific urban areas, as well as in depth demographic analyses and forecasts.


Understand your city by sector, topic, or on a block by block level with our Focus Reports.

Track narratives expressed by the users of the urban space by industry, annual revenue of businesses or revenue broken down by demographics, identify activity centers, assess how new tenants and new developments impact the competitive advantage of neighorhoods or cities, and more.


Through our past projects, we have identified key analysis and data needs across sectors. By listening to our clients and partners, we have refined these needs into focused analyses and reports. While the list below reflects our current offerings, our team is always looking for new challenges and welcome your feedback and questions.
○ Competitive place advantage report — A holistic assessment of place, business performance, and place identity competitiveness.

○ Narrative analysis by industry — Interactive maps for your organization to explore and a report synthesizing top narratives customers hold about businesses in a particular sector
○ Digital footprint report — Understand how an individual location transposes from brick and mortar to the digital realm and monitor how it is received online
○ Hours of operation and average review — Hours of operation and average review of businesses and public spaces mapped and visualized clearly throughout your city


Pricing accounts for the average price per square mile of data, the amount of data needed to be collected, as well as analysis and other time considerations. These are base pricing estimates. Please reach out for a custom quote if the study area is 500+ square miles.


Though our conversations with businesses, both big and small, our team at City78 has identified key metrics and analyses that enable companies to successfully understand the best practices being employed across their store locations which customers have identified online as well as support and refocus stores where customers have suggested areas of improvement.

The Retail Location Success Tool provides decision makers in charge of organizations with multiple store locations with insight regarding business performance at demographic and geographic levels, competitor annual revenue, and consumer narratives about each and every one of their and their local competitors' locations. 

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Plug in our reports, impress your clients.

Leverage our reports to understand the consumer and competitor landscapes at a deeper level than any of your competition. Whether you are entering a new market or reaching out to local businesses for your platform, City78 will make you an expert in the field.


We value our partnerships with other organizations and strive to help startups and other organizations build deeper understandings of the cities they work in. While we have found that City78 can best plug in through the following paths, we are always on the lookout for innovative collaborations.
○ Neighborhood reports — Whether your organization is looking to strengthen existing bonds with current clients or show potential clients you understand their city, our neighborhood report enables your organization to approach clients with knowledge and confidence.

○ Potential client identification — For organizations seeking to partner with or bring brick and mortar businesses onto their platforms, our Potential Client Identification analysis provides summary information about businesses in sector(s) and neighborhoods your organization is interested in.
○ GIS member analysis — Leverage GIS analysis and multi-source data to understand your organization's members geographically or identify populations of potential members across the urban space.


Pricing accounts for the amount of data needed to be collected, as well as analysis and other time considerations. Please reach out to us to discuss pricing for reports and analysis.