Pioneering new ways we listen to the urban space

At City78 we help urban stakeholders manage risk, evaluate urban performance, and secure future urban investments through our trailblazing, human-centric EDGE (Experience-Driven Geospatial Engagement) Tool & methodology.  

Advancing the Urban Competitive EDGE

Our approach is a paradigm shift away from practices that prescribe urban solutions. Instead, we listen to and observe interactions between people and their living environments to inform and drive urban economic development. 

City78 has developed custom-made tools and methodologies to define the ideal mix of uses, evaluate organic place identity, project economically sustainable land uses and frame urban solutions through precise demographic forecasts. Our methodology brings urban dwellers in as co-creators of place identity development. This makes City78’s approach a leading edge solution in ensuring improved quality of life and increased urban economic productivity for the urban dweller.

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Our Clients and Partners


Our most comprehensive report yet.

Map annual revenue, hours of operation, and community perception of topics like walkability, safety, parking, handicap accessibility, public transportation, repeat visits, or historic and scenic areas across entire cities.

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Secure your urban investments and reduce risk though City78’s Hotspot Monitoring. We help our clients secure a head start in pinpointing emerging urban opportunity while providing forecasts of future demand and market trends.

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Know what's happening in the cities your organization works and invests in.

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Plug in our reports, impress your clients

Leverage our reports to understand the consumer and competitor landscapes at a deeper level than any of your competition. Whether you are entering a new market or reaching out to local businesses for your platform, City78 will make you an expert in the field.

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