Human experience is everything.

Human experience, quantified.

Smart City Design

City78's Experience Driven Geospatial Engagement methodology is at the forefront of the smart city movement, weaving forward thinking urban planning practices with artificial intelligence and community data to provide decision makers with unparalleled insights into location-specific consumer behavior.

EDGE empowers decision makers to identify urban needs and develop solutions that maximize urban competitive advantage and quality of life for all.


Over 100+ topics tracked


Over 150+ types of locations evaluated


~ 60,000 community-generated data points per sq. mile

track 100+ topics across
cities and time

City78 gives your organization an unrivaled understanding, on both macro and granular levels, of the countless data points which a city is comprised of.

By engaging both community-generated and traditional data sources, we are able to quantify, analyze and map perception across entire cities.


City Governments
& Place Managers

Commercial Real
Estate Developers


Social Impact Investors

Case Studies

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Airbnb vs hotel preferences

washington dc

An analysis of Airbnb and hotel preferences in Washington DC.

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An Overview of Rockville, MD

washington dc

An end-to-end sample analysis of perceptions and retail in Rockville, MD, .

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community perceptions of the dc metro

washington dc

An analysis of community perceptions & languages spoken regarding the DC Metro.

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amazon spheres: a year-to-year analysis

seattle wa

An impact analysis of Amazon's headquarters on the surrounding neighborhood.

Coming soon.

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Gloucester: Organic place identity development

Gloucester, MA

An analysis and case for sustainable development around Gloucester's unique place identity.

Coming soon.

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Chawkbazar: An analysis of historic and cultural perceptions

Dhaka, Bangladesh

An analysis of the historic district, Chawkbazar, in Bangladesh's capital and paths to rebuilding.

Coming soon.