About Us

We are at the forefront
 of the smart city movement,

blending forward-thinking urban planning practices with artificial intelligence (ai) and community data


In order to build truly human-centric cities, City78's E.D.G.E methodology brings user-generated review data, artificial intelligence, and demographic and urban forecast models together.


Through City78's partnerships with students, researchers and universities, we help guide innovative projects addressing sustainability, human-centric design and big data.


City78 engages stakeholders to analyze the nuances across the urban environment and find practical solutions to:

(1) Improve quality of life;

(2) Improve urban economic potential.


WHY 78?

Go is the oldest and one of the most complex board games in human history. It wasn't until 2016, almost 19 years after IBM's Deep Mind defeated Gary Kasparov, that AI was able to master Go.

Although Google's AlphaGo defeated Lee Sedol, one of the best Go players in the world, 4 out of the 5 games, in the 3rd game on the 78th move, Lee made a risky move that AlphaGo, for all its sophistication, did not predict.

With today's technology, we have the power to reinvent the way we understand humans, on a granular level while at scale. We are named City78 because of our mission to develop tools that build around communities, engaging in their cultures, identities, histories, triumphs and struggles. At every step of the way, we aim to bring human back into data.

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."
— William Bruce Cameron



City78 LLC operates as a for-profit, independent urban analytics agency in the greater Washington DC area. The City78 organization is organized as a hybrid organization, with its sister organization, City78 International, an NGO, focusing on focused on the mission of advancing the applications of human-centric, data-driven methodologies. Both City78 LLC and City78 International's work reflect the highest standards in urban planning and data science ethics. City78 LLC works with a variety of clients in government, non-profits, foundations and the private sector, a diverse client base which allows us to tell a diversity of stories.


Just as we are transparent with our data, our client work is met with the same ethical standards and honesty. With each project, we ensure that there is no conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest. New clients are vetted and accepted by City78 based on their work to create social good. We look at their prior work, financials and use our network to ensure they meet the highest standards of their field before we enter a partnership.


City78 is founded upon openness and transparency. In a time when personal data is leveraged by corporations for micro-targeted ads, we make it a priority to use data for social good. Embedded in our methodological approach is the belief that economically sustainable communities and cities are those that foster equitable and just opportunities for all their inhabitants. Therefore, we prioritize honesty in our data analysis and reporting regardless of the client. The community-generated data we work with is exclusively publicly-posted and we publish community-generated and GIS data collected during the course of a project on data.world and BigParser for public sharing and public and academic reuse.


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our team

Team img

Femi Adelakun

geospatial analyst

& co-founder

Urban planner with close to a decade of experience in demographic studies and urban analysis

fadelakun@city78.org | Portfolio | LinkedIn | Twitter

Team img

theo goetemann

project architect

& co-founder

Data scientist and mixed media artist with a background in open data and expertise in network/narrative analysis examining online communities

tgo@city78.org | Portfolio | LinkedIn | Twitter

Team img

christian smutherman

marketing specialist

Multimedia storyteller with expertise in digital marketing and sales

csmutherman@city78.org | LinkedIn

Team img

leah bancheri

urban designer

Historic Preservationist with a passion for urban and architectural design


Team img

Ishrat azim

business development specialist

Business Development Intern with an interest in public health and community outreach


Team img

oliver wen

data engineer

Experiential product engineer with a background in Java and database development


Team img

katy huang

research analyst intern

Research analyst intern interested in data analysis and computational mass communication

Team img

lingchen kong

research analyst intern

Research analyst intern with a focus on data mining and visualization

Team img

shana shin

marketing intern

Marketing intern interested in brand building and data-driven marketing

Team img

xu han

data science intern

Data science intern interested in data-driven business and operations analysis

Team img

jean-claude kradin

real estate analyst intern

Real estate analyst intern interested in urban development research and consumer habits