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City78’s innovative methods help our clients build smarter, mitigate risk, and optimize economic and placemaking potential.


Monitoring the pulse of the city through millions of datapoints

Identify problems in the urban environment

Build on urban elements which residents and visitors value most

Develop a cohesive city brand and actionable plan forward


Tap into the daily experiences of residents and visitors in your city

Track over 100+ topics throughout your city, monitored through the day-to-day experiences of residents and visitors.

Track urban consumer experience by Census Block or individual location

Our data is built up from the millions of perceptions people post about their day-to-day experiences. Our technology synthesizes these perceptions into tangible insights your organization can act on today.


Our Clients


City Governments

No development agency, government body, or place manager seeks to drive growth through uninformed decision making. This is why local stakeholders are investing in location-based technologies and solutions. In Arlington County, Virginia, City78 analyzed the performance of the active and growing Rosslyn-Ballston corridor. The resulting NPI positions the region as a strong example and model for transit-oriented development (TOD), while also identifying unexplored strengths and opportunities for maintaining steady growth into the future.

Real Estate Developers and Investors

Understanding the myriad factors determining the ideal location for development, it can be overwhelming for real estate developers to identify up-and-coming investment areas or decide how to fill vacant spaces with retail that matches consumer demand. City78 is one of the few organizations in the world to go directly to the source in understanding consumer demand: the urban consumer. Last year, working with an organization looking to build a 15-acre center in the DC region, our technologies were able to pinpoint attractive parcels for purchase. We based our findings not only on current consumer perceptions of retail, identifying the “hottest” areas on the market; better yet, our longitudinal analyses also tapped into the last three years of consumer perception data of the region, further refining our recommendations and further ensuring location advantage.


Neighborhood Placemaking Organizations

City78 worked with a newly-established placemaking organization in the Charleston, South Carolina, area to set the direction for a proposed corridor revitalization project. Using the NPI, City78 was able to capture and categorize resident and visitor feedback for all active uses in the neighborhood. This analysis offered insights into existing conditions related to important placemaking themes, such as walkability, affordability, safety, familiarity, history, and business performance. The NPI creates a road map for identifying urban design and placemaking initiatives that can further strengthen place identity and ensure long-term growth.

Nonprofits & Institutions

Through ongoing collaborations with innovators across the for-profit and nonprofit fields, City78 is able to continue developing exciting new applications and research using our technologies. We have worked closely with institutions on research influencing development in metropolitan regions of America on subjects ranging from wellbeing to the knowledge economy, and are always supporting students and professors through our open-source Urban Performance Toolkit and microcredential.